My Yoga Week: From Handstands to Hangin'

This week took me from goddess pose to hungover hag.

Monday: Just did a little stretching in my sunroom, mostly hamstrings.

Tuesday: Hot Yoga 60, it was mostly Bikram with very few, minor adjustments. Pretty good class but 5 years in and damn, I'm bored of Bikram...

Wednesday: Yay, my friend Maya is in town and we're heading to a Hot Power Fusion class over at Core Power Yoga together. It was essentially a broken down vinyasa class then the Bikram spine compass series, a few chair modifications and some balancing stuff with a warrior series thrown in. Come to think of it, it was like a Fierce Grace Fix class only not as well sequenced. The classes seem to vary A LOT depending on the teacher. This gyal wasn't my style unfortunately. The music was distractingly bad but most importantly SHE STEPPED ON MY YOGA TOWEL, LIKE, WHERE MY FACE GOES!!! Grievous side-eye was served.

Thursday: After a dope vegan meal at Fare Well with Maya (coincidentally it was our farewell meal), I went to yet another Core Power Yoga class, only this time a more flowy vinyasa class called Core Power 2. Not bad, but I find there isn't enough hip or hamstring stretches. Nor were there any balancing postures. It was very warrior series focused, but I snuck in my hammy stretches when I could.

Friday: Fridays are my yoga maniac days. I usually teach a free 1 hour Fierce Grace Deep Core or Fix class at work. It's nice to get away from your desk and I really enjoy bringing a brand new style to new yogis. And because a lot of people don't know the names of the poses or the sequence, I practice the class to visually and verbally guide them through. Then (I head to physical therapy, but after) I'm off to Hot Yoga Capitol Hill to teach a 90min Fierce Grace class and a 60min Fierce Grace Fix class back to back. These students are also new to the Fierce Grace system, so I practice most of the class with them as well. And by the time I'm done, I am a zombie and drag myself to Whole Foods to finally eat something. (I tend  to dislike to practice on a full stomach, so after my lunch that's pretty much it until around 7:30pm). I am immediately then a piece of linguine 

Saturday: Saturday was the Pride parade in DC, which meant I was so excited about having practiced hot yoga almost every day, I thought I would silently sneak out of the parade with my friends, go do some yoga then come back. I WAS WROOOOOOOONG, SO WRONG. I started off at brunch at my friend Julia's and somehow got roped into chugging vodka drinks out of red solo cups and the rest is history. By 4pm my girls and I had ditched the parade to go to a friends house and watch Rihanna videos and pretend to be stripper/singers, and 7pm I was cartwheeling in the streets. Needless to say no yoga was done in the traditional sense, but I totally nailed savasana at the end of the night, but technically that was Sunday...

Sunday: Home at 2am, petrified by the realization that I live in the south and there are cockroaches scurrying across the sidewalk. Sleep for about 5.5 hours then wake up and immediately Google "can you die of a hangover?" I'm pretty sure that while I was laying on the couch watching Season 2 of Master of None I was in a pose pretty damn close to savasana and once I dropped a snappea crisp and had to forward fold to pick it up (and obviously still eat it off the floor, duh).