Recent hiatus

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Ok, when it comes to blogging, I won't lie. I've been completely intimidated by it and frozen with fear for months, but I can usually muster up the courage to ramble on in an instagram post. But lately, even that's been a burden.

Honestly, I haven’t been posting recently because I haven’t been feeling like sharing much. It’s been an exhausting few weeks. I’ve taken 6 flights in 3 weeks, most of them at the ass-crack of dawn and I haven’t been practicing yoga very often. My body and mind have been tight, tense, tired and I haven’t been myself lately. This has lead me to make some rash decisions, some for the better (realizing my PhD is immensely frustrating, it’s no longer where my passions lie and it’s time to finish up so I can move on ASAP), some for the worse (trying to fit so much in that I haven’t taken nearly any time to take care of myself), and others somewhere in the middle (getting so upset while detangling my hair I decided to cut off half a foot of it, easier hair care routine but I miss my big poof to cushion headstands like this one). Also mercury is in retrograde (and I just discovered I was born with mercury in retrograde) so I’m blaming all my problems on mercury in retrograde, ok?

The past few weeks have also been bittersweet af. The past few weeks have also been bittersweet. Bae is dope af and decided to change his career path and get out of academia. In the span of a few weeks he’s gotten through several rounds interviews with two of the top companies in his new field (Facebook and Amazon!!!) AND got accepted to do a fully funded 7-week fellowship in artificial intelligence. I’m incredibly proud and so excited for him, but the job interviews are in Washington State and the fellowship is in Silicon Valley. Literally the other side of the frickin’ country! The fellowship and in-person interviews start at the end of the month, meaning I’ll be solo dolo for a while. This also means I’ll have to finish up my final PhD experiments, analysis and draft up two journal articles and my thesis asap before I can move on to the next chapter. Last December we moved 3,600+ miles from London and this December it may be another 2,800+ from DC to the other side of the country, but who knows exactly where. He's been amazingly supportive as I dragged us here to finish my PhD, and now it's clear that the universe is screaming that it's his turn to shine and my chance to be a supportive gf in the background. 

I’ve been feeling like it’s time to complete my PhD and get out of academia for a while now, but finishing my experiments and writing my thesis seems like an almost insurmountable amount of work. In a bid to balance out what I’m sure is about to be one of the most stressful periods of my life, I’m committing myself to do more of what makes me happy, to teach more yoga. I’m bulking up my teaching schedule and ramping up to start teaching 7 classes a week and I CANNOT wait. I’m also getting back into my early morning routine of spending an hour on myself so I can be the best version of myself for others.

Hope y’all have been taking care of yourselves and are doing the same.

Ps. This photo is the perfect example of how to pretend you're naked even though you're a never-nude.