Below are a few of the anonymous reviews left for my Hot Yoga and TRX Yoga Core classes via Classpass.

Out of 380 reviews I was rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars :)

Hot Yoga Reviews

"Really well explained movements!"

"Really great instructor for a first time yoga bunny! Loved the class"

"Great instructor - very clear!"

"Ethos is not a studio - it is a sanctuary! I cannot praise this place and its teachers enough!"

"Amazing teacher !!!"

"The teacher was fantastic, and the class was challenging"

"Tara is very good !!!"

"Lovely studio and instructor. Really chilled but intense class."

"Loved the class and the instructor was brilliant"

"Enjoyed the instructor and found the class just the right level of challenging."

TRX Yoga Core Reviews

"Tara was great, instructive and firm."

"Excellent class. The instructor very good at correcting posture and feeling the real stretch. Definitely coming back!"

"This was quite a hard class, but Tara was amazing in correcting posture and positions. Sweaty!"

"So tough! But a great class all the same."

"Incredible class, tough & sweaty!"

"Such a tough class from a cardio perspective but with all the amazing stretching and strengthening benefits of yoga. Great workout."

"Great class, tough on the legs but a great workout!"

"Excellent workout, trainer was amazing."

"Really tough but the studio was beautiful and I loved the concept of the class. I'm sure I'll be tempted back!"

"Brilliant class. Challenging and new."

"It's a tough class and works up a sweat. It helps with yoga moves."